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Available via Accord Mortgages & Yorkshire Building Society

1: Find out if you're Eligible

2: Receive a Decision in Principle

3: Start your property search

Takes less than 10 minutes
Talk to a mortgage specialist today

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Unlike most brokers we don't charge any fees for our advice or service. We have access to the whole UK mortgage market and provide free, impartial advice.

Can you check other lenders?

As part of our service, we check the whole mortgage market to make sure that you're getting the right deal. Depending on your deposit size, if there are better deals available from other lenders that are more suitable, we will let you know and can help you apply.

Can anyone apply for the £5000 deposit mortgage?

The £5000 deposit mortgage is only available to first time buyers. For joint applications one of you must be a first time buyer and niether applicant can own a property. All Applicants must have indefinite leave to reside in the UK.

Is there a minimum/maximum property value?

The minimum property value is £100,001 up to a maximum purchase price of £500,000. The minimum deposit is £5000, meaning the maximum possible loan would be £495,000 subject to income and affordability.

Can this be used to buy any property?

The £5000 deposit mortgage can only be used to buy a pre-owed house. Flats and new build properties are not eligible.

Do you charge broker fees?

How does it work?

An expert adviser will check your eligibility, income and make sure you meet the affordability requirements.

We will email you a decision in principle so you can start searching for properties.

Once you have an offer accepted on a property, get back in contact with your adviser who will process your application.

Part of the Award Winning Stonebridge Mortgage Network

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Stacey Bailey: 


"Very professional and considered service. Efficient and friendly. Highly recommend"

Clare Brown:

"Great experience using Kingdom Mortgages. Very helpful and knowledgeable throughout the whole process. I highly recommend and will be using again. Thank you."

Joel Pearce: 


"Fantastic service. Made getting a mortgage simple and stress-free. Can't recommend enough."

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