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£50 Refer a Friend Offer


 Refer a friend and if we can help them we'll send you a 
£50 cash reward on completion.

We are nothing without our customers. We know if we do a good job and you're happy with our service, you will tell your friends and family.
It's only right that we should say thank you.


Terms and Conditions


  1. There is no limit to the number of people you can refer

  2. Applicant must confirm the name of the person who referred them on initial contact with Kingdom Mortgages

  3. Only one cash back paid per client referred

  4. In order to qualify, applicant must apply for a mortgage through Kingdom Mortgages

  5. Cash will be sent to the referrer upon completion of a new mortgage via faster payments

  6. Referrals will only be paid for the first mortgage, subsequent mortgages will not be eligible for this offer

  7. This offer can be cancelled at any time without notice.

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